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Why ENDALGO for Sports Meetup Groups - User Testimonial (6)

Why ENDALGO for Sports Meetup Groups - User Testimonial (6)

Sep 29th, 2022 - ENDALGO

Name:Jonathan Ramirez

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Current City: Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Team: Chivas (C.D. Guadalajara)

Have been playing soccer for: More than 20 years


As a Chivas fan, Jonathan naturally (or by his parent’s will) started soccer early in his youth ages. He doesn’t stop playing even after he spends the whole day coaching high school kids; that’s how versatile ENDALGO’s users are regarding soccer — not only a coach, but a casual pickup game player.



For me, soccer means my own outlet of expressions. There’s so many things you can do with the ball — there’s freestylers, there’re professionals, there’re casual Sunday gamers. You can do everything with it.

I’ve been living in the LA area for my entire life and my first soccer memory here is probably when I was 4 years old, championship game; started kind of how everybody else started, AYSO or some little league that their parents get them into.

I grew up playing goalie, so… (I’m pretty much good at all positions lol). Being a Chivas fan, my family and I are really big into (soccer).

ENDALGO’s a pretty fun way to find any pickups. The user interface is really easy to use. And, if you’re just trying to look for new places or facilities, ENDALGO makes it really simple; there’s always postings and games going on constantly that anybody can join.

I have a group that consistently plays. But just through life experiences of people getting married, moving, getting a new job, it’s kind of hard to find consistent players and this (ENDALGO) makes it easier to find a bigger group or just bring new people into your group.

I’ve used a couple of other apps and ENDALGO is the easiest to navigate in terms of finding an actual game and getting into it. You just have to create your own profile; it’s not as invasive as Facebook or Instagram. All you need is your name, age and supplementary profile.

Find a group, meet up and start playing, man. It’s as simple as that.


Jonathan not only found more players to come to his regular casual pickups, but also found a larger group to play more with new people.

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