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Host Pickup Soccer Games

Host Pickup Soccer Games

Jul 30th, 2022 - Soccer

Making pickup soccer groups management easy

Let us stress the soccer group management solution that ENDALGO provides. The reason why ENDALGO is the one and only type of sports group platform is because of its dynamic scope of providing detailed features that fits exactly for sports and activity groups, but also being an open platform for those groups to be exposed and joined by the larger public audience. Pickup groups can benefit from scheduling games, member lists, and RSVP management, collecting game fees, group chat, etc.

Grow your group with ENDALGO

As for the usability of ENDALGO, this topic may not be obvious in the service we provide, but it’s actually the most demanded feature that pickup soccer groups are interested in; it’s the ability to keep recruiting new players to the group and growing as a community. Standing out and attracting players can be a challenge, and ENDALGO is the only sports community platform that allows organizers and group leaders to find new players.

Let’s say you’re using Meetup or TeamSnap to organize your soccer group. The most common shortcomings of each of the two services are below:

Meetup: Not having the right new users signing up for the group, since Meetup is not sports or soccer oriented, 

TeamSnap: Having group features is great, but there are no ways within the service to be able to attract new people to join the group -- no room to grow.

Hence, pickup groups find it extremely attractive to give ENDALGO a try for growth purposes.

Game information and RSVPing

For pickup groups, the event page and player RSVP can be seen as the most important feature that we provide. From the event page, the group members can confirm the date, time, location, price, and other game details, including guest allowance; groups typically, and are recommended, to write detailed descriptions regarding any waiver, late/no show, and refund policies, so that no miscommunications in sensitive topics happen in the future. Users can leave comments on individual events and also get directions with Google Map integration.

When you have people signing up/RSVPing to your pickup game, you, as an admin of the group, have total control over managing the list; you can add another player to the going list, remove someone from going to the not going, or the waitlist, or even remove the individual from the event. Pickup game attendee lists can become messy with reasons such as last-minute changes or bringing guests when space and time are limited -- you, as the organizer, should be able to control these situations in a way you desire, and that’s what ENDALGO provides. 

Communication business is taken care of

Think of one thing you do with your group members the most besides actually playing soccer together; it’s most likely going to be chatting. Whether through text, WhatsApp, or email, a group of people is bound to have a source of real-time communication. And ENDALGO lets you do that all in the platform by providing group chat features. Need to chat with individual members? No problem; click on the individual profile and simply click the send message button.

Inviting your buddies over

We recommend you start inviting your closest group members first to inform them about the new group page on ENDALGO and share all group activities here. For your convenience, we’ve made some direct ways for you to share the link to your group in different communication channels.

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