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Our Mission: Connecting people through sports.

ENDALGO is a platform for finding and building local sports communities. People use ENDALGO to meet new people, play sports, do activities, find teams and clubs, browse experiences, and pursue their passion for sports, together. We believe that sports activities play an essential role in communities, unlike anything else. In a day and age where many people are introverts, have difficulty meeting new people, and are siloed in their existing work lives, connecting people through sports brings immense benefits for both individuals and communities.

“ENDALGO is an online platform for finding and building sports communities in your neighborhood.”

Sports activities and groups lead to improved health and well-being, a sense of empowerment for people, and the development of inclusive communities. We truly believe sports can make a community healthy — whether you’re playing in a small group, team, or as a whole community. Open to people of different ages, abilities,and skill levels, sports and activity groups can transform a community.

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Our story

Harry, a founder of ENDALGO, has played many team sports, such as soccer, basketball, and baseball, from a young age. Like a lot of kids, he had dreams of playing at the professional level. But, even though he never had the talent to play at the highest level, Harry believes sports have shaped his life immensely. Sports taught him how to work hard, compete, and be a part of a team. He has always loved that sports bring people together and empower people in their neighborhoods and beyond. With a passion for sports, Harry and his co-founder founded ENDALGO in San Francisco, CA, in 2016. We launched our first product as a team and league management solution to serve the youth sports clubs and leagues. Through the Covid 19 pandemic, ENDALGO has gone through a number of challenges due to the shutdown of the sports market. With the support of Los Angeles sports communities, ENDALGO has grown to serve more than 20,000 sports communities, including groups of all ages. ENDALGO is now aiming to expand its reach to all sports and activities with our proven product. With ENDALGO, community leaders such as group organizers, coaches, and experts can focus on what matters — playing sports and keeping their members happy.


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