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How To Be A Community Leader

How To Be A Community Leader

Apr 14th, 2022 - ENDALGO

If you are an organizer, then you are a leader. You may question why? Because you are the one that a group of people looks up to for opportunities to play. While some players may think that a simple pickup game isn’t much of a playing opportunity, but opportunities are defined as how you look at them. If you are a competitive player that is competing with a team or club on a regularly basis, then the UPSL may be your opportunity. A recreational player’s opportunity could be a simple Thursday night pickup game in Downtown Los Angeles.

Communicate with your group

One of the biggest components to being a leader is being an effective communicator. By sending a simple message to your group on ENDALGO, it can give a sign of relief and careness for your audience. Though, it may not be much, it’s enough to show the people that you have them in mind. With our group and easy group chat feature, you can quickly send a short message.

What about the future of my group?

We believe that whether you have a team or a pickup group you all are the same, and there is always someone looking to be a part of something. We see a higher demand for the game of soccer in the upcoming months and this can be your opportunity to grow and connect with new potential players. By staying active in your group chat, or maybe even start playing FIFA with your players. As you may know, many soccer players also play video games! Connect today, stay active, and grow in the near future. Within the sport of soccer, there is something for everyone. ENDALGO connects organizers with players and players to organizers.

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