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Communication Tips for Youth Coach

Communication Tips for Youth Coach

Jan 14th, 2022 - Youth Sports

Despite wanting the best for their kids, soccer parents don’t always have time to thoroughly research the hundreds of soccer clubs and programs in their area. Hearing about a good coach or program from a trusted friend can save a lot of time in that process. ENDALGO recently conducted a study and learned that the majority of parents (63.9%) hear about their child's youth soccer club/program through friends or family. What this information tells us is that having a good relationship with your players parents is one of your best marketing tools!

So what’s the best way to cultivate a good relationship with soccer parents? One big way you can do this is by prioritizing clear and consistent communication. According to the study, 80% of soccer parents are in contact with their child’s coaches at least once a week. Regular communication is undeniably important to parents, but having 15+ emails, texts, and messages every week can be hard to stay on top of. When flooded with messages from parents, remember the importance of good relationships.

Coaches that use ENDALGO to manage their teams have access to the in-app messaging features—taking away the need to switch between texts, emails, or other messaging platforms. You can send out individual messages to parents or send a mass message that goes to everyone on your team. Click here to learn more about the ways ENDALGO can help carry the weight that comes with being a youth soccer coach.

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