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Where to Organize Your Group Online

Where to Organize Your Group Online

Oct 18th, 2022 - ENDALGO

What ENDALGO is made for

ENDALGO is the #1 sports & activity app for groups that brings people together through events, experiences, etc., created by local community leaders. Find and join groups or create your own group to organize your games, host experiences, sell memberships and registrations, and more. 

  • Easy steps to creating a group page on ENDALGO.
  • What to expect on the home screen.
  • How you can benefit from this.
  • How to create a group page

Let us guide you through the easy steps to starting a group page on ENDALGO. After signing up to ENDALGO for free, you will be shown our home screen on the app that basically covers all the essentials of your group; but, obviously, you’d have to start by clicking on the “Create a new group” button.

Guide #1. Create Group

Start by entering your group name and selecting the location of your group or team. The privacy setting is available in three ways: public for groups that accept any players, private for member lists or posts of the group being available only for accepted members, and closed for groups that don’t accept any new members.

Guide #2. Create Group

You’ll input some more specific details to better define who your group is for. Under Group Details, you can set the type, age, gender, and skill level of the members you want to join your group. What you choose will also affect where your group appears in specific searches and will help the right users find your group. Below are the options that are available for each group detail item.

Guide #3. Create Group

Lastly, you have to write a description of your group. You’re required to write a minimum of 20 characters. We feel it’s important that every group includes a description to help users better understand the group. Some things you could include here are:

  • The goal of the group
  • What your group does, or what you are looking for
  • How often do you plan on hosting games or events
  • Specific rules for the group

How you benefit as an organizer

As a group organizer or member, your group information, upcoming schedules, and many other logistical details of the group ought to be available somewhere in a digital space.

  • My groups' tab that summarizes all group activities.
  • Schedule list, other group listings, and details.
  • Group discussion and chats.

Click the link for further details on managing a group.

Remove all manual work

Now that you’re all set up let ENDALGO do all the group manager for you. We’ll make life easier for you by bringing everything into one integrated solution. From scheduling events to informing last-minute changes in group chats, we put you in control without ever leaving the ENDALGO app.

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