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Why ENDALGO for Female Athletes - User Testimonial (3)

Why ENDALGO for Female Athletes - User Testimonial (3)

Jul 26th, 2022 - ENDALGO

Name: Jamie Rosales

Current City: Los Angeles, California


Jamie plays in a women’s soccer league and plays pickup every Thursday at a local soccer facility. And how she found her teammates and pickup games is literally how we want our potential users to find and start playing more!



Soccer is not a sport; it’s a passion. It’s something that God has inculcated in me since I was small. It’s my father, and it’s my brother, it’s my mom, it’s the life — it’s everything.

Personally, I’ve stopped playing soccer for about a year, and I wanted to get back into playing, but I didn’t know of any teams. So I went online to search for teams in LA or pickup soccer games, and the first thing that popped up was ENDALGO. And through that, I got to meet these girls, and ever since, I’ve been playing here. I think it’s great.

Even if you don’t play sports, even if you want to try, it’s beginner friendly. If you just want to start playing again or pick up a game, it’s a useful platform to find local teams and games. It’s really useful. It’s a great app.


When passionate players like Jamie find us to get back into soccer action, we feel alive. Whether you are new to soccer or coming back from a long rest, we want to be the source for soccer players and fans to explore soccer groups and games.

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