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Why ENDALGO for All Groups - User Testimonial(2)

Why ENDALGO for All Groups - User Testimonial(2)

Dec 11th, 2021 - ENDALGO

Name: Kevin Wu

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Current City: Huntington Beach, CA

Where he usually plays: Irvine, CA

Favorite Team and Player: FC Barcelona, Ronaldinho

Have been playing soccer for: His whole life


Moving to Southern California from New York, Kevin initially struggled to find a group of people to play soccer with. Check out how ENDALGO was able to help him.



ENDALGO is the go-to app if you’re trying to play soccer. It’s like discord is for gamers, and ENDALGO is the soccer app for soccer players.

When I first moved here, I tried very hard to find a group of guys to play with — it was nearly impossible. Half of the time I find one on Craig’s List or Facebook, all these other sources, you get there and it’s actually part of a league or they’re just trying to recruit. Or you’re just a sub for this one game. If ENDALGO was around then, it would have been the first place to look (for games and groups).

For my regular games, I open it up and go to the event and hit going. When I want to find new ones, ENDALGO shows all the games near you — you can look up by location, swipe through and read a couple of descriptions see what they are. I found some games that are a lot closer to me which I hadn’t realized and plan on checking out.

I used to try to juggle between a Facebook group, something else and then Group Me, but it’s nice to just have it all in one place.


As Kevin mentioned from his experience, people not having a place to start in finding a group or game to join and play soccer is one of the biggest hardships of soccer players when they move to a new city. ENDALGO provides a starting point where people can browse through information on soccer groups and events that are located in the Los Angeles area and plan to expand this all over the United States.

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