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Why ENDALGO(1) - Ali Deeb

Why ENDALGO(1) - Ali Deeb

Nov 10th, 2021 - ENDALGO

Name: Ali Deeb

Hometown: Norwalk, CA

Current City: Anaheim, CA

Favorite Team and Player: Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo

Have been playing soccer for: 12 years


Ali can be described as a soccer powerhouse both on and offline of the community. If you play anywhere in OC or LA, you’ve probably seen him juking others with his signature stepovers. Hear what he says about soccer and ENDALGO.



I’ve been playing soccer for about ten to twelve years. My favorite team is for sure Real Madrid and my favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo.

Soccer means to me a way to exercise my body in certain disciplines and connect with people.

ENDALGO is really for anybody. You can be someone basically just trying to get in shape, or you can be someone playing at a higher level. So, you can find games based on skills and how much you want to play.

I usually check (ENDALGO) every other day. I’ve met new people and have definitely played a lot. There’s not really anything like it that can help you find soccer around the area.

I’d say anybody who wants to get active definitely try ENDALGO.

Click here to see the interview clip.


As the most popular team sport in the world, soccer definitely helps your mind and body stay healthy. Like Ali, people can easily find soccer near them, and it’s really the only platform that can you help you play more.

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