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Top 5 Soccer News and Live Score Apps of 2022

Top 5 Soccer News and Live Score Apps of 2022

Oct 20th, 2022 - Soccer

Did you know that on any given weekend anywhere from 1,600-2000 professional-level soccer games are taking place across the world? There’s no way to track that sort of information on your own, so why try? Enlist the aid of one of the top 5 soccer news and live score apps available today and never miss a beat!

While you’re at it, step back a second: 2000 professional-level games in one weekend. 2000!

That’s a lot of shots on goal.

A lot of yellow cards.

A lot of winners.

And a lot of broken-hearted fans each and every weekend.

But more than anything, it’s a lot of soccer news for a diehard soccer fan to keep up with.

So it’s no wonder that people just like you have turned to smartphone apps to help them keep on top of all the soccer action.

But which Soccer Live Score and News Apps reign supreme in 2022?

Well, that really depends on what features, what type of content, and even what type of user experience you’re looking for in an app.

So our team took a deep dive and investigated everything you’d want to know about the the top-five most downloaded Soccer News and Live Score apps from the Apple and Android app stores and prepared this comprehensive report.

We took a comparative look at everything from:

  • App Design and Usability
  • App Onboarding and Customization process
  • Quantity of Teams, Leagues and Tournaments You Can Follow
  • Notification Options and Live Score Delivery Speed
  • Positive and Negative User Reviews
  • Unique App Features Like Betting Odds and Video Updates
  • And much, much more!

So keep reading to discover which of the Top 5 Soccer News and Live Score apps has just the right mix of user experience features you’re looking for, plus get clued in on what current users love and hate about these app.

So without further ado, here’s our definitive breakdown of the top 5 soccer news and scores apps, based on their popularity on the Apple iOs and Android app stores.

1: OneFootball

And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for (drumroll, please)…our pick for the #1 Soccer News and Live Score App of 2022 is…


In version 10, the first thing you notice about the OneFootball app is that it has a very clean design and straightforward user interface. No complicated menu options, no unnecessary buttons or other nonsense. It just…works.

Things like navigation options are kept to a minimum, and there are no extraneous buttons or features that leave you scratching your head why they’re even there.

And especially in the news section of the app, the content layout is comfortable and reading is very easy on the eyes.

But perhaps the biggest difference between OneFootball and other apps on this list is:

  • How the app approaches managing teams
  • App push notifications
  • Quantity and quality of news updates

So without further ado, let’s dive in and take a look!

OneFootball: Customizations, Notifications and News Updates

The first thing you will notice after installing the OneFootball app is that, unlike every other news live and live score app on this list, they initially limit your customizations by suggesting you follow only two soccer teams: one professional and one national team.

And while you can choose to follow more teams or leagues later, we think this limitation is actually a very smart move on the developers part.

As we’ve mentioned in each previous review, all of the other news and live score apps on this list invite you to follow as many teams as you would like.

And if you’re like us, your first inclination will be to follow a lot of teams.

Hey, why not, right?

Well, you’ll soon find out 🙂

Because come match day, you’ll probably become frustrated by the high volume of notifications you are receiving if you follow more than a couple teams, or worse, an entire league.

So by limiting your choices from the get go, the OneFootball app is likely sparing you the hassle of later having to unfollow teams and leagues (and/or preventing you from deleting the app entirely out of frustration.)

And it’s not just with team selection that the OneFootball app keeps things lean and mean. OneFootball also has an abbreviated list of team notification options compared to most apps on this list, with only five:

  • Match Facts
  • Transfers
  • Red Cards
  • Goals
  • Kick-off /Full-Time

So when it comes to features and customizations, the OneFootball app clearly has adopted the mindset that less is more. And we tend to agree.

While OneFootball may not be the most feature-packed app on this list, that means it’s relatively straightforward and easy to use. But being easy to use isn’t the only thing that sets this app apart from the rest. The OneFootball is also unique in terms of the quantity and quality of news updates the the app delivers.

Clearly, the editors at OneFootball know their stuff, and they consistently put out quality, in-depth articles…especially if you’re a follower of the more popular teams like Real Madrid or Manchester United.

And while a few of the apps users have noted those same articles sometimes have click-baity headlines, we think that’s all part of the joy of following soccer news, where off-pitch story headlines often seem ripped straight from the tabloids.

OneFootball: Features

Quality is about doing a few things well, and that’s what OneFootball is all about. Now, don’t get us wrong: there are plenty of features and the app doesn’t lack in that department. OneFootball doesn’t have the scope or breadth that ESPN or 365Scores has, but that’s fine — it doesn’t need it.

OneFootball gives the sort of features you will actually use. Not to drag on ESPN’s service, but how many people stream entire 120 minute high-definition soccer documentaries on their phone?

OneFootball has everything you need to follow soccer:

  • Track American or international soccer teams
  • Read insider news
  • Obtain live scores
  • Access Transfer news and rumors
  • Read player profiles
  • Stream matches and highlight videos

On top of that, you’re looking at a proverbial horde of soccer content written by people in the business — expert analysis, match predictions, and news produced by soccer fans and journalists. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

No soccer app is complete with live match reporting, and OneFootball leads the pack here. Not only does the app provide customizable push notifications, but you can track live updates as they come in with zero delay.

Is it as feature-rich as ESPN? No.

Does it need to be?

Absolutely not.

2: 365Scores

Clocking in at number two on our list of the best soccer live score and news app is 365Scores. Like the ESPN app, 365Scores offers broad sports content (not just soccer!) with 10 total sports supported by the app.

On top of that, 365Scores includes betting odds alongside gameday details, so it seems to have been developed with the sports bettor in mind. And if these aren’t of interest to you, they’re easy to toggle off. Betting isn’t for everyone, so don’t worry about unnecessary clutter on your screen.

  • its ease of use
  • the slick black and multi-color design
  • the mini onboarding feature tour which makes learning to use the app a breeze

(But as app developers, we probably geek out about that stuff more than most folks!)

Even with all this cool stuff, perhaps the best thing about 365Scores is the ability to upgrade to an ad-free experience by simply inviting three friends to the platform.

That’s pretty cool, right?

365Scores: Customization, Notifications, and Feature Tour

One of the the first things that will stand out about the 365Scores app when you install it is their super-easy onboarding and customization process.

It’s the only one of the five apps in this list to include an onboarding tour which highlights key features of the app so you can use it like a pro from day one.

Once you select which sports you’d like to follow, the app will then have you select which leagues and tournaments you’d like to track.

Once that’s done, it will ask you to select the specific teams from each league and or/tournament you want to track. Lastly, it will ask you to select your favorite team from all those submitted (which is unique).

Okay, granted, nothing here is particularly new. But the real difference comes from the slick design, big buttons, and multi-color interface. The selection process is easier and faster than compared to other apps, and it speaks to the quality of the app overall.

Once that’s done, you can customize your notification settings for each team and league.

Match notification options include:

  • Goal
  • Red Card
  • Yellow Card
  • Match Reminder
  • Game Start
  • Halftime
  • Full Time Result
  • Lineups
  • New Video (Available to View)

And here’s where things get cool.

Once you’ve completed your notifications, the platform then takes you through a guided tour. The tour covers everything:

  • how to navigate the app’s features
  • toggle on/off betting odd
  • (our favorite) customize game notifications on the fly for teams you didn’t previously select to follow

365Scores: Features

Much like ESPN, 365scores offers sports content for more than just soccer. Soccer coverage is ample, however: FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Premier League, and more are all accessible via this app. It’s worth noting that the app is only able to cover mostly European and North American soccer leagues, so keep that in mind.

A few of the best features:

  • Follow your favorite teams, leagues, or specific games
  • Enjoy live match notifications (which can be disabled!)
  • Watch match highlights and replays almost instantly
  • Nail every fantasy soccer trade with the app’s transfer feed
  • Love the game with the Live Match Tracker (instant commentary, results, and statistics)

The real winning feature of this app, however, is the design. The app feels lightweight, easy-to-use, and there’s no massive learning curve required. It doesn’t feel like you need a manual to figure out what’s going on, and that’s a big win.

​​3. ESPN (Free and Paid Versions)

SPECIAL NOTE: In the course of writing this article, ESPN released an update to their app that has users fuming with bad reviews.

Major complaints include video freezing and audio dropping, but perhaps the worst offense is that coverage of sports you haven’t selected as an interest will appear before content from your favorite teams or leagues.

Hopefully they get these bugs worked out soon. We’ll continue to monitor this situation and update the article if things don’t change soon!​ 

It should come as no surprise that the king of sports media in the United States, ESPN, has made our list of the best soccer news and live score apps in 2018. And what an app it is.

In truth, ESPN’s huge download numbers aren’t just from soccer fans. NFL, NBA, MLB and all the other major American sports round out the apps news and live coverage offerings.

That means this app will have far less of a soccer-centric user experience than the other apps on this list. But that is probably a plus if you enjoy following other sporting news without having to constantly switch between apps.

Plus, ESPN’s vast media and programming empire means this app is unrivaled in the quantity and quality of both video and audio coverage of sports, whether live sports or news. But again, a lot of this coverage has nothing to do with soccer, and some of it is even questionably sports related. (they cover the WWE! Really!?!?)

But don’t get it twisted, ESPN won’t disappoint the vast majority of soccer fanatics either.

So let’s dive in to our review of ESPN, the #3 Soccer Live Score and News App of 2022 on our list.

ESPN: Customizations and Notifications

Like its more soccer-oriented competitors, you open the app, select what sports you want to follow, and the app creates a personalized user experience for you. It’s tailored to your specific interests, so you get exactly the news you want.

Bear in mind, this is the ESPN mobile app. It’s not soccer-specific, so if you’re annoying by the presence of other sports, you might want to skip ahead to another news app!

Let’s assume you’ve stuck around. Your first task will be to select those leagues you follow, and then which particular teams within your selected leagues.

Unlike FotMob, ESPN disappoints us in one crucial area: ESPN does not allow you to follow individual players. Come on!

But it does allow for highly customizable — and easy to change — notifications including:

  • Team News
  • Half & Final
  • Goals
  • Final
  • Discipline
  • Subs
  • Statistics

ESPN: Features

You know those thick, dry, old reference books in your local library that haven’t been opened in years? Maybe one of those is the manual to this app, because it would take about that many pages to describe the features ESPN has implemented. 

The app tracks live scores (fully customizable to your favorite team, sport, or league). It also lets you stream ESPN events on the app itself (premium only!), access on-demand shows through your cable provider, and even watch exclusive sports documentaries. 

And there’s plenty more: you can subscribe and listen to ESPN podcasts, listen to live ESPN radio, and get play-by-play highlights.

ESPN rolls out the big guns with the ESPN+ service. The monthly fee nets you access to ESPN’s own streaming service and all the goodies therein — literally every form of sports content is available through that service. It can be a bit overwhelming!

ESPN: What Users Like

Perhaps the best part of the ESPN app for soccer fans is their extensive licensing deals, which means there’s never a shortage of video news coverage to catch up on within the app.

We’re also big fans of the homepage design and layout. That said, we also tend to agree with users who feel that a little too much homepage space is dedicated towards non-favorited sports. Ideally, you’d be able to customize the homepage to show only the content you want.

Hopefully, they’ll listen to their users and put all your favorite team content back on top!

4. FotMob: Live Soccer Scores

The self-professed “Pulse of Soccer”, it’s no wonder that FotMob is hugely popular among soccer fans worldwide. It currently ranks #4 on our list of the most popular Soccer news and live updates apps, and for a good reason.

It’s got customization features galore, and the app makes it incredibly easy to turn your notifications on and off at any time.

And as one user, Carlos points out…

…FotMob even makes it easy to track and compare your favorite players from within the app, setting it apart from FIFA and the other apps on this list.

So let’s dive in and figure out exactly why fans rave about FotMob so much.

FotMob: App Customizations and Notifications

FotMob’s app customizations are truly top-class and easy to configure.

New users who download the app immediately customize the app by first selecting their favorite local teams, then from a short-list of some of the global superstar teams (Real Madrid, Chelsea, etc.).

After that, users can customize their notifications based on their previously selected favorite teams. Pretty cool!

Users have an almost endless array of push notification options, including:

  • Game Start
  • Half Time
  • Full Time
  • Goals
  • Red Cards
  • Missed Penalties
  • Top News
  • All News
  • Transfers
  • Lineups
  • Match Reminders
  • Substitutions

But the customization doesn’t stop there!

As with most Live Score and news apps, FotMob allows you to choose to follow and receive alerts for pretty much any professional league, club or team globally.

And better yet, you can receive notifications for your favorite players as well, meaning hardcore soccer fans never miss out on any news that is important to them.

​​​​FotMob: Features

FotMob is all about scores and statistics, and it gives them to you in spades. Just to name a few:

  • Live scores and match statistics
  • Track your favorite teams
  • Pre-match rosters
  • Live text commentary (awesome)
  • Audio commentary in multiple languages
  • TV schedules
  • News feeds sorted by league, team, and competition

Match statistics are almost absurdly in-depth: total shots, blocked shots, woodwork, shots inside box, shots outside box, passing statistics, and more are all present. The app provides easy access to almost every match statistic you can think of, and presents them all in a pleasing format. It’s a treat to use, and the features make FotMob a real winner.

The real winning feature is the automatic live text commentary — whatever magic makes this work is fantastic, because it lets you follow the match live while your boss drones on in that morning meeting.

There’s a free-to-use version of the app that comes with banner ads (an acceptable evil) and a premium version that does away with all advertisements for a token fee.

5. FIFA: Tournaments, News and Live Scores (Free)

No mention of soccer news apps is complete without the obligatory FIFA reference, so here’s the industry’s big boy bringing up the rear of the pack.

Brought to you by the grandaddy’s of global soccer, FIFA’s news app is #5 on our list of the most popular soccer news and live score apps available for your smartphone.

Unsurprisingly, the FIFA app provides some of the most detailed coverage of the World Cup available anywhere, with loads of news, video highlights and even an online store so you can easily rep your favorite national team at the bar.

That being said, if you’re looking for in-depth news that isn’t FIFA related (say, action in the Champions league or the latest on your local club), you may want to look elsewhere. It’s in the name, after all — it’s FIFA, through-and-through.

But where it lacks in overall news coverage, it makes up for in scoring coverage, with over 197 national leagues, clubs and the all the major continental competitions available.

FIFA: App Customization and Notifications

Setting up FIFA is easy. Download the app, select your favorite teams, and you’re good to go. You can personalize your experience across all aspects of soccer: U-17, U-20, and futsal are all available. Plus, you can follow all men’s and women’s professional club teams across the globe.

Once you’re set up, you can choose to follow entire leagues and continental tournaments (like Champions League).

The app also allows for various types of customizations from entities that you follow, including:

  • Periods
  • Goals
  • Lineups
  • Cards

If you don’t want to receive so many alerts, you’ll need to either turn them off. You can do that universally in your phone’s Notification Settings or else turn them off individually for each and every team that you follow, which can be a bit of a drag.

FIFA: Features

With coverage of every FIFA tournament on the table, FIFA’s official news app is loaded with great features to help you follow the game:

  • Live Scores
  • News
  • Favorite Teams

Scanning the News feature has everything you could want — it’s all FIFA news, presented in an easily-accessible scrolling format. If you’re tired from browsing text articles, FIFA lets you view trending photos and videos.

In terms of tournaments, you can expect in-depth coverage of every ongoing FIFA event. Rosters, line-ups, resultings, standings, and even stadium information is all available (but the lack of brackets and live league standings hurts!).

A nifty feature brought back in the most recent update is the ability to see the time and scorer of every goal in a match — it makes finding that one amazing goal just a little easier.

The lack of pop-up advertisements and terrible full-screen ads may not be an official feature, but it should be. Few things ruin free-to-use apps as much as annoying advertisements that take forever to load (and close, more importantly), so props to FIFA for dodging that bullet.

FIFA: What Users Like

Based on reviews, users like the ease of use of the FIFA app.

It’s designed with a clean and intuitive interface, and provides easy access to a roundup of news and live scores from your favorite teams and leagues.

But what users seem to rave about most is the entire lack of annoying pop-up ads, which have become popular on many free apps.

​​​​FIFA: What Users Dislike

Unfortunately, users report that team and club notifications are oftentimes delayed, pretty much making it a deal-killer for hardcore fans.

And unfortunately the app provides no brackets or current league standings outside of the national team rankings. Why they would skip such crucial information is beyond us!

We’d also love to see the ability to follow your favorite players added to the customization options.

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