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How people think about Travel Sports

How people think about Travel Sports

Oct 30th, 2020 - Sports

As you already know, playing soccer, or sports altogether has not been and will not be the same for quite some time. On the bright side, it’s a bit relieving that we can at least sit down and watch a live game from home. Have you wondered what the process is for the athletes, coaches, teams, and even for the people that organize the events?

Test after test along with abiding by the states and city regulations, and not to mention that you have to manage many people so you can ensure that the event will happen. It’s very impressive to see these events actually happening as I can imagine that it’s not easy doing it. Dana White from the UFC pulled off such a big decision in which it created a movement for sports to come back in the United States.

As the sporting associations try to figure out the best way to get things going, there are still many complications that the teams have to overcome in order to be able to play. Though this topic can be controversial, it’s something that we all are currently experiencing together. Over in California, the teams have to travel out of the state in order for their youth teams to compete. Besides the club fees, imagine the extra expenses that will occur for each player and parent. Normally, the clubs have a set budget for each year for specific events, but with the current situation, the clubs and parents can easily exploit over those numbers. Not to mention that Arizona recently hosted a big youth tournament and 90% of the teams came from California. Imagine driving multiple of hours to another state and just to see many familiar faces as if you were back at home? It’s a bit nuts, but hey, the kids are playing!

Another discussion that has been going around is that the parents are very uncomfortable with the fact that they cannot actually sit and watch the game. If you know soccer parents, they will do anything to see his or hers child playing, whether it be standing on the top of their car, or climbing a tree.

Have you been facing similar circumstances? How do you feel about traveling to another state to compete against teams that considered locals to you? Join the discussion on ENDALGO Board and share your experience with our sports community.

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