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5 Tips to Grow Your Meetup Group on ENDALGO

5 Tips to Grow Your Meetup Group on ENDALGO

May 9th, 2022 - Group

Did you download ENDALGO because you want to build your own soccer group or team? Maybe you already have a team, but you want to be more organized. Some people have difficulty on growing their group. One of the biggest struggles is finding players. Another major problem is finding the proper platform to manage their current group. Organizers should not have to pay a hefty fee to manage their group. ENDALGO offers many free services to help you stay organized. In this post, I will give some advice on how to start building your group.

Tip 1: Group Name

When creating a group, create a relevant name, so people will know that you are a credible group. Making names like: “searching for new players,” “messing around,” and “IDK Yet” will most like push people away from joining your group.

If you need a name, you can ask yourself this; if I came across this name, would I be interested? If you say no, then you already know what to do. Making a credible name will give new players the confidence to believe that you are somewhat legit, even if you are a casual group. Check out some of the group names that were created ENDALGO.

Tip 2: Share Group Link

Use the group share link to send out to some people that you already know. We live in a numbers world. If you only have 1 member, then it’s not as appealing for new people to be interested.

Tip 3: Schedule an Event

Get your first event listed in your group. By listing at least one event, even if you are a new group, people will be able to see that you are at least trying to get something going. 

Tip 4: Recurring Event

Do you already know the time and place that you want to meet each week? Use the Recurring event tab to list your games in advance. People will then know that you are consistently planning to play each week. Always remember this, the more information that you provide, the likelihood of someone joining your group will increase.

Tip 5: Invite Friends

Did you already receive a few members? Continue sharing your group on ENDALGO, people will naturally grow your group. Just remember that people talk, and people know people, who know people, who know people.


Lastly, stay consistent with your group, don’t just assume people will come to your events. If you get lazy and do not share the information with them, then don’t expect them to be interested. No one wants to waste their time going somewhere to see that the event isn’t happening.

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