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4 Ways to Succeed Your Sports Meetup Group

4 Ways to Succeed Your Sports Meetup Group

Jul 22nd, 2022 - ENDALGO

Four Must To-Do's to have a Successful Soccer Group on ENDALGO

Hundreds of soccer teams, clubs, or groups are creating their group page on ENDALGO daily; some groups hit it off with new daily players joining their group and RSVP spots filling up rapidly, but some groups come to us and ask how they could make their group more active and bring more people. Below we have listed four important to-do’s that you must follow to build a ground base for your team, club or group to prosper. If you check out any active groups on ENDALGO, they all manage to fulfill these simple, yet effective duties, so it really is highly recommended for you as an organizer to complete them as soon as you create your group!

01. Eye-catching Name

When your soccer group name conveys exactly what the group is about or has the team or club name in full (i.e. writing Riverside Football Club instead of RSFC) and also includes the name of location, not only can the current members can find the group on ENDALGO more easily, but also any new potential players are likely to understand right away what to expect from the group. For example, “Atlanta Coed Soccer” literally explains that this group would be hosting coed games in the Atlanta area. Another similar example would be “Los Angeles Pickup Soccer” -- from the group name, you would already know that this group plays pickup in the Los Angeles area. Whereas, a group named “Palmeiras”, although this can be familiar to the current members, to strangers this won’t be as eye-catching as others with a straightforward and clear name. ENDALGO’s service is based on GPS location, so groups would be exposed to nearby audiences, but including the location in the name can always be helpful.

02. Full Descriptions of your Group

After you come up with a strong and clear name for your soccer team, club, or group, a full on description should be written as an introduction to your group. You might be limited in the things that you’d like to express about your team, club, or group just with a name or a title -- if you be specific about what kind of group you are and details about the program or games and events, you would be able to filter out the audience who are not fit for your group and vice versa for the individuals who are looking for something specific that isn’t included in your group or program. Let’s say you name your group “Chicago Football Club”; this may be a clear name, but one might not know whether it’s a youth club or an adult recreational team or even a pickup soccer group. Write those details in the descriptions, so that your audiences know what to expect when they join.

03. Scheduling Ahead

The most important thing that determines your reputation of being an active group is having scheduled upcoming games and events. No matter how many members and players you attract to your group with a catchy name and detailed description, if you do not have events or games scheduled in the immediate future, people will find it hard to believe that your group is an active team, club, or group. Whether you’re an organized club or casual pickup soccer group, leverage the recurring event scheduling function that ENDALGO provides to set up events. We know that there could be cancellations or change of plans, but once people join your group and start being updated on your activities, you’ll have more opportunities and channels to inform them and stay connected; therefore, to succeed in creating a group, we recommend you to schedule all of your events ahead of time.

04. Bring Along your Closest Friends and Teammates

As a final prerequisite to succeed with your soccer team, club, or group initially, invite and make your closest friends and teammates (who should mostly already be playing with you) join your new group on ENDALGO. Especially in the days when your group is new, some additional number of members added to your group can help a lot to express activeness to the audience who reach your group newly. Share the link to your friends and teammates to sign up for ENDALGO and instantly become part of the group!

We truly believe that if these prerequisite-like to-do’s are complete as early as possible, your group will be able to earn a lot of interest and new members joining. ENDALGO is always monitoring which groups are putting the effort to stay active and even choose a handful of groups to feature them in the explore tab in the app. ENDALGO will put the effort to grow your group with you. Please reach out if you have any questions to hello@endalgo.com.

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