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3 Reasons Why ENDALGO for Soccer Groups

3 Reasons Why ENDALGO for Soccer Groups

Nov 28th, 2020 - Soccer

How does your soccer group, team, or club manage group activities? We’ve found out that creating a group website, organizing a Meetup or Facebook group, or using a team sports tool are some popular answers to the question. Do any of those options let the group or the admin/leader of the group share and communicate everything regarding their team activities? This is where we were informed is not the case and many soccer groups had to move back and forth between a handful of channels to make group management even work.

ENDALGO can be the solution for any of the current issues that a soccer group could have and below are the Top 3 reasons why ENDALGO can be the cure.

1. Group management features just for soccer groups

You can manage a group perhaps with a website or a Meetup group, but the biggest thing that is missing in those options would be the service itself not being designed for sports groups and, moreover, for soccer groups. One might ask, what could be soccer-specific mean? We have a list below:

  • Define your soccer group: pickup group, team, club, league/tournament, club & league, facility, or other.
  • Select the age and gender of the group. Select among adults, youth, or mixed for age and boys & girls, boy or girls only, co-ed, men, or women for gender.
  • Inform what skill level the group plays in: any, beginner, intermediate or competitive.
  • Have your events be detailed with soccer-related amenities: outdoor or indoor, pinnies, regular or mini goals, lines, referees, lights, food and beverage, parking, etc.
  • Location information with specifics to which field you play or train.
  • RSVP list on who’s coming or not or waitlisted, and the organizer has the ability to control the list in his own way.
  • Group events that can be public to all or just private to team members.
  • Schedules such as weekly training or games can be registered as recurring events so that you don’t need to make the same events repeatedly.
  • Any updates in schedules will automatically notify everyone in the group from a scrimmage session being scheduled, the game being canceled, practice time postponed, etc.
  • Group member management to organize different roles and statuses within the group.

2. An open platform for anyone who is part of or interested in joining soccer groups

​​​​​ENDALGO believes that soccer groups can grow when both the organizers and players get involved to make the groups active. And on top of having a state of the art soccer group management features, ENDALGO allows those individuals to explore further and easily get involved in soccer. As a leader of the group, you have the ability to post public soccer events or post information about your club that can drive new inquiries or registrations to your group, team, and club. ENDALGO lets individuals look for pickup games, tryouts, clubs, tournaments, and leagues that are seeking for more participation. Plus, the individuals can look for something specific to their needs with filtering options so that they can easily skip through something that doesn’t match their demands (i.e., a parent looking for a youth club doesn’t need to scroll through adult teams and someone who wants to find a pickup game within only 5-mile radius doesn't need to see games 20 miles away). Anyone interested in those events or groups can sign up and join instantly.

3. Covers all kinds of soccer communities

Last but not least, with ENDALGO, any soccer community can be covered. The core soccer group management stays the same, but having abilities such as being exposed to and communicating with the appropriate audience (refer to the no. 2 above) or scheduling specific events tailored to the type of group is only possible as ENDALGO can accommodate the largest scope of soccer.

This is the list of the different types of soccer communities that use and benefit from ENDALGO:

  • Pickup groups.
  • Adult and youth soccer teams and clubs.
  • Soccer camps and clinics (both adult and youth).
  • Soccer tournaments.
  • Soccer leagues.
  • Soccer facilities.
  • Training groups.

ENDALGO is offering onboarding support for soccer groups that think they might have any technical issues. Press the button below to schedule a demo with one of ENDALGO's representatives, and we can easily guide you through setting up everything.

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