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10 Best Places to Play Soccer in Los Angeles, CA

10 Best Places to Play Soccer in Los Angeles, CA

Nov 16th, 2022

1. Evolve Soccer LA

Brand-spanking new and equipped with fresh AstroTurf, Evolve Soccer has it all. Youth and adult soccer training programs, soccer training camps, pick-up games (both adult and youth), league play, and more are all on the table.

Evolve Soccer prides itself on its ‘Evolve Intercity Tournament’, an indoor soccer competition open to 8 regional teams throughout Los Angeles. On top of that, the facility has a real knack for training classes — classes cover every age and skill level group.

2. Urban Soccer 5 Center

Urban Soccer 5 Center is big. Really, really big. It’s easily the largest of the Gateway Cities indoor soccer facilities, and that’s saying a lot!

It has ten outdoor fields made with artificial turf, LED lighting, and a clubhouse that would put some FIFA teams to shame. Amenities include locker rooms, televisions, a sports cafe, a French-styled breakfast and lunch cafe, and free wifi.

Even better, the fields have HD cameras. Record and watch your plays — this unique feature makes Urban Soccer 5 Center something of a dream-come-true.

Urban Soccer 5 Center also offers futsal soccer leagues for adults and an ‘Academy’ soccer camp for youths.

3. Sofive Soccer Center

Goals Soccer Center has it all, and it’s worth the price tag. Enjoy multiple turf fields, an indoor restaurant/sports bar, and an excellent family atmosphere.

The sports store is pricey (of course), but that’s to be expected. It’s pretty clean given the foot traffic and the management offer everything you need. Field rentals, pick-up game support, and plenty of birthday party packages are all on the table!

4. Bell Futsal Park

This outdoor futsal park is located in the city of Bell. It’s pretty great — owned and operated by the City, it offers free balls and equipment rentals.

Bleachers along the side make it easy to watch the games as well! There are no extraneous facilities (it’s literally a futsal field with lights), but the quality is there.

It’s an excellent option for anyone looking for a futsal field in the general Bell area. Bring your friends and set up your own pick-up games, though, because it’s quite difficult to get information from the city.

5. TOCA Soccer Center Costa Mesa

Orange County isn’t without its own host of awesome indoor soccer facilities. TOCA Soccer Center Costa Mesa is a special place that lets you play without any fuss. Walk in the doors, and you can be in a match in under five minutes — that’s a big plus.

They offer field rentals, adult and youth leagues, and plenty of training opportunities. Classes in everything from Ball Mastery to Fundamentals make TOCA Costa Mesa a real gem.

Nightly pick-up sessions mean you have plenty of opportunities to play.

6. Deft Touch Soccer Center

This state-of-the-art soccer training facility focuses on producing better soccer players. Training classes, development programs, and top-tier coaching are all within!

Nightly pick-up games and superbly-talented coaching staff make the Deft Touch Soccer Center an excellent place for all things soccer. There’s a handful of different party packages (yes, including a glow-in-the-dark theme) to keep the kids entertained as well.

Deft Touch has worked with two professional soccer players — Jonathan Bornstein and Kevin Venegas — so there’s plenty of street cred here.

7. Valley Soccer Center

This fantastic San Fernando indoor soccer facility hosts a wide range of youth soccer activities. A great-looking indoor field makes Valley Soccer Center shine when it comes to the kids. Soccer development programs and soccer-themed birthday parties are available (and yes, they have soccer ball-shaped cakes).

Valley Soccer Center also offers pickup soccer games for all age ranges. Check it out!

8. Northridge Futsal

A shiny cerulean floor and an eye-popping blue and orange color scheme makes Northridge Futsal stand out from the competition. No AstroTurf in sight — this is a facility made with futsal in mind. Friday and Saturday nights play host to indoor soccer pick-up games.

Northridge also hosts birthday parties for the kids.

Even better, the pick-up games are always staffed by a legitimate referee.

9. Chatsworth Arena Soccer League

​This outdoor turf field everything you need: league play, party hosting packages, a locker room, and even a sound system to add some tunes to your game. The prices are very agreeable as well!

On top of that, Chatsworth Arena Soccer League offers early morning games (outdoor flood lights work great!) starting at 5:30. There’s a place to shower as well.

It’s not the most glamorous place, but it’s got everything you need for a game of pick-up soccer.

10. Juke Indoor Soccer Training Facility

The big selling point of the Juke Indoor Soccer Training Facility is the coach. Coach Tony is passionate about teaching, great with children, and loves soccer to a scary level. The facility boasts quality AstroTurf, plenty of lighting, and the usual necessary amenities. 

Weekly pick-up games and a range of classes for players of all skill levels make Juke Indoor Soccer Training Facility a treat to visit. They also host birthday parties and soccer camps!

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