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ENDALGO is the #1 sports activity app to find and organize flag football communities of all types - from pickup groups to organized teams and clubs that bring you joy.

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Meet new people in your area through the events, registrations, and experiences. It's free to create an account and organize your group.

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Over 30,000 group organizers chose ENDALGO to organize their events, experiences, and more.

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Simple Hosting Tools

Easily create any event, track availability, and collect payment. Chat in real-time with participants and send emails with the ENDALGO app for free.

Continuous Growth

ENDALGO will keep promoting your group and event throughout our network so your group continues to grow.

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Sell Registrations & Experience

Create online registrations to sell your memberships and tickets for your event. Teach your expertise or share your passion by listing your experience.

Best sports app for flag football

John Sanchez

This app has made it extremely easy for us to organize our tryouts and training sessions for our club and helped us recruit a lot of new players.

Sunday Morning Flag Football
Lauren Kaylor

It's been Really dope running games with everyone. The guys running the app are great, all kinds of games to play. Makes it really easy to play with all kinds of players. They also keep updating the app and making it better.

LV UTD - Flag Football

The ENDALGO team has really put together something special. Perfect for meeting people and finding pick up games for any skill level. The event hosts make sure the game is fun and competitive but also friendly, which makes the easy to come back every week!

San Francisco Flag Football Group

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