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Wheeling Adult outdoor recreational soccer

Wheeling Adult outdoor recreational soccer

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Recreational Outdoor soccer for all skill level. Not competitive league. We play for fun and some cardio. Feel free to join us. This group is for the people who wants to play soccer. Outdoor during summer and indoor during winter. It’s not a competitive league group. We play for fun and friendship. GROUP RULES 1> Be respectful ! 2> No foul languages or racist comments 3> No slide or hard tackles during games. 4> 2 slide tackles you are out for 10 minutes. 5> Don’t use any off the ball distracting sounds to make other player uncomfortable. 6> Help each other to setup the field . 7> If you feel sick please stay home and rest 8> Try to reach early to make sure you have time to warm up and play from beginning. 9> All skill levels allowed so don’t be harsh on anyone about their playing. 10> Carry your water as there is no water fountain . 11> Don’t expect you can play with your own team . It’s a mix and match group so we will divide players as per need. 12> This is not an organized paid pickup where everything will be arranged beforehand. We have an open field and we will just play there. Players are welcome to brings markers for lines and all. Mini GP is already in place. 13> You need to follow the game instructions as mentioned by the organizer. 14> If you show Any disrespect to any players or anyone else you will be requested to leave. 15> If you are interested to join message the moderator of this group first. 16>Please bring one black and one red color shirt so that team can be easily distinguished. 17>Try not to leave any stuffs behind. It’s an open field so things can get lost. 18> If you RSVP Yes and can’t come then please update the same 3-4Hours prior to the game so that others can get a chance. Failing doing that more than 2 times you will be asked to leave the group. 19> Please follow the decisions taken by the on field captains. 20>Please don’t bring guests without mentioning that in ENDALGO . You can only bring guests if the event allows it.. 21> Organizer won’t be responsible for any injuries of any players on the field during or before or after the game. 22>Organizer won’t be responsible for any illegal activities from any players on the field. 23> Events can be cancelled sometimes. So keep checking the updates on the app. 24> Be prepared to switch teams in between a game in case teams are not balanced. 25> Discussing other group games in the chat is not allowed. We will only discuss about our group games. 26> If you don’t RSVP then you are not allowed to join the game. 27> Please respect opponents call. If your opponent calls for a foul then try to allow it without getting into arguments. 28> Everyone please be honest with your calls. We don’t have any referee so need to trust each other. 29> We will play 45minutes a half game with a break of 10minutes. 30> Please finish the whole game.If you have plans to leave early please inform before the game. 31> If you can’t follow the above rules then this group is not for you.

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