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Perimeter Strikers

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Welcome to the Perimeter Strikers pickup Soccer Meetup Group.
*Events will be pay to play when the fields are rented otherwise it is free. We provide goals, bibs, soccer balls and guarantee that the field will be reserved for our group only when we host events.
When you RSVP to one of our meet ups, we guarantee there will be a game as we have the fields reserved for our group and it will be enjoyable.
We will be reading from the meet up list and ensuring that everyone that is signed up has paid for those days the meet up is not free.
• If you arrive 10+ minutes late YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED A GAME.
• Games will not start early but we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE everyone to arrive early to pay and get signed in, as this will make starting easier.
• Games will be 9 vs 9 (max 10 vs 10), we will have three games going on max.
• If you arrive late DO NOT pick up a penny/walk onto the field and start playing. Ask for an admin and they will determine if there is room or not.
• Teams will rotate ONLY when an organizer says so.
• Follow the instructions of the organizer and rotate accordingly.
• No slide tackling or fighting.
• ONLY the person fouled/the person that fouled them(out of sportsmanship) can call it. Unless one of the persons involved is a minor, no one should call a foul for anyone else.
• If able, when fouled, immediately YELL foul
• If someone is on the ground hurt, the game will be paused, so that person can be assisted.
• RESPECT ALL CALLS, but we encourage everyone to not make calls haphazardly.
• Please be careful. We are not liable for any injuries that may occur during the events.
Follow the instructions of the organizers AT ALL TIMES. If you have a suggestion on how events can be better, pull an organizer to side and talk to them privately. There WILL NOT be arguments while an organizer is trying to instruct teams on the field.
When you sign up for this event you agree to all the rules of the group as stated above
Violators will be warned and repeat offenders will be banned from the group and future events.


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