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Las Vegas United Football Club

Las Vegas United Football Club

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About us

Welcome to the world of LV United, a passionate soccer club that has been making waves since its inception in January 2020. Rooted in the dynamic street courts of Las Vegas, LV United has transformed its origins into a thriving force in the soccer community. Our Origins: LV United's journey began with a deep-seated love for street futsal, where the game's spirit is unbridled, creative, and exhilarating. Over time, this street-style passion has merged seamlessly with the professionalism of the beautiful game, creating a unique fusion that characterizes LV United's style of play. Unity in Diversity: While LV United proudly calls Las Vegas home, the individuals who make up the club come from diverse backgrounds, counties, and ethnicities. This diversity is a cornerstone of our strength. When the team steps onto the field, they become a united force, reinforcing the universal language of soccer that transcends borders, bringing people together under a common love for the game. LV United offers events such as pick up soccer (7v7s, 11v11s), soccer leagues, street futsal, indoor futsal, local community events such as fifa tournament, soccer clinic, charity events and many more. LV United is more than just a soccer club; it's a celebration of soccer in all its forms. We represent the shared passion for the sport that spans communities and transcends boundaries. Join us as we continue our journey, celebrating unity, diversity, and the beautiful game itself.


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