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Carolina Cosmic FC

Carolina Cosmic FC

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We cater to Mecklenburg, Iredell and Cabarrus counties near Charlotte NC. We organize pickup, leagues and tournaments with different age groups and skill levels. General Rules: (Full rules can be found here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kgs7lLkSSysWr6IXGu6ryz2eZPj5SC9E5_14FCYeNac/edit?usp=drivesdk) We play rain or shine, provided there are no close thunderstorms. Lighted turf fields that are reserved for guaranteed space to play. Basic rules are to remember we all have to work Thursday morning, and no slide tackles. If we play with goalies, then corner kicks -- no keeper, end is friend. Fouls, goals etc are given back to the keeper to start. For full capacity games, we play to white lines -- smaller games we play to white and blue line, or as otherwise determined. Check in time starts at 8:45pm, our field reservation starts at 9pm. We will do our best to begin games promptly around (based on the status of the previous field reservation), which means players are considered late by 9pm, and are considered no-shows by 9:15pm without prior communication. Please do not hold up the start of games by arriving late. Admins reserve the right to deny players due to lack of room on the pitch (half field is capped at 10v10, full field capped at 13v13), poor sportsmanship/fighting, and lack of RSVP, and for other discussed issues. While we do not specify ages, this is an ADULT LEVEL pickup, and can be physical and competitive, so we also reserve the right to limit age/size/skill accordingly. We do have Casual/Intermediate and Higher Intensity games, and while we do not typically dictate which players may play where, we reserve the right to suggest a player switch intensities. We do this for the sake of maintaining the consistency in the playing environment we have worked so hard to develop. We your understanding and support as we grow and learn how to best serve our wonderful players.


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