Thursday ! Mar Vista Park 7:00 PM

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We are switching to the Turf field at the far west side of the park along Mc Laughlin and starting at 7 PM. The field has no lights so we can play until the sun goes down. Look for me with yellow 6 ft goals. Walk west all the way. If enough of us can show up at 7 we will continue all summer. If you cannot find us there and see another large team on the field we will be at the east end of the park on the field next to the hockey rink.
And remember dues are $10 once a year...if you are playing with us you need to help support the team and the expenses....I have a list so if you do not remember the last time you paid check with me. Thank you all of you who have paid recently. We cannot run on no $ so please bring cash next time. These dues are separate from the $10 a year we pay to Stoner Park. so if you play at Stoner it is $20 a year.....
We may play at Stoner some Thursdays and I will update the location whenever that happens.

Thanks, Sandy and Kathy

Tuesdays are back at Stoner.
Thanks, Sandy and Kathy

Tuesdays are back at Stoner.

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Last Thursday at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (PDT)
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Mar Vista Recreation Center
11430 Woodbine Street · Los Angeles