Organize pickup soccer with ENDALGO

Free group and event management features make organizing pickup soccer simple

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How to start a pickup soccer group and host games

Create a group

Download the ENDALGO app. Then click the “Create Group” button on the home screen.

Add game details

Create a pickup game and add details like time, location, skill level, field type, etc.

Manage payments

Add a payout method to collect payments securely from your RSVPs.

Get rewarded for
hosting pickup
soccer games

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The community is growing everyday.
Easily manage RSVPs and get the right people to your pickup games.


Earn rewards and sponsorships for
organizing pickup games.

Sports focused

Specify skill level, field types and more.
Plus manage payments and group communication all in one place.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost to manage a group?

Creating and managing a group is completely free.

Here is how to create a group.

Can I collect payments for my pickup games?

Yes. Simply add your payout information to begin accepting payments. Don’t worry, Stripe stores your payout info securely. Stripe has best in class tools to ensure you will have the highest level of security.

Here is how to setup your payout.

How do I move my pickup games to ENDALGO from another service?

Create a group and simply share the invitation link with everyone. Send us a note if you have any trouble switching to ENDALGO. We are always willing to help.

Here are more details on switching over to ENDALGO.