⚽️ Monday- Indoor Soccer - Hollywood @ Gower - Pick up games

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⚽️ Monday - Indoor Soccer - Hollywood @ Gower - Pick up games

Scroll down to watch a video of our games!
Click here to see our Calendar of events. https://www.meetup.com/Hollywood-INDOOR-SOCCER-Futsal-Club/events/calendar/

We are between Franklin and Hollywood Blvd. Right off the 101 at the Gower Exit. The Church is off Gower. Turn onto Carlos Ave. The parking lot for the church is right across from the church entrance. Use the Carlos entrance under the green Canopy.

Fee to play for the night: $10.00 cash at the door /per person.

Or $10.75 Paypal (Lock in your spot by midnight before the game and use Paypal) Please send payment through Friends and Family to save us the fee)

Game Details: Game rules below

• We welcome anyone over 18 yrs old+ this is Coed, all skill levels welcome.

• Indoor soccer.

• Played in Normal full size Basketball Gym.

• Everyone will play 4 games

• Shooting at 4'x6' nets.

• 5 vs 5

• There are no set teams. This is pick-up style soccer. Teams will be divided at the start of the night by drawing numbers. You will be on a different team each week. ( If you want to be a set team of your own, join our league night coming soon. Get your team ready now, as we only have room for 5 teams. Email [masked] with your 5 players team list now.)

First time players please pay in advance if you can, with Paypal when you RSVP. Also new or old players that are bringing a guest. If you don't we may take you or your guest off the RSVP list if other players want your spot. Once we see that you show up, you are welcome to pay cash at our next game. We have been getting a lot of no shows, sorry. Read details on Paypal payment below.

PLEASE COME EARLY by 7:00pm as we must start our games at 7:15pm on the dot or earlier. If you are late you will play on team 3 or 4 that usually starts around 7:30pm.

*If our goals are not set up yet, please go into storage area and bring them out for us. If by chance we are running late and you have 10 players. Please start the first game. You will be Team one white or team two black.

• To play you MUST BRING 1 solid WHITE and 1 DARK SHIRT, we prefer black if you have it. A colored shirt will do, But Gray does not count!!!

* If you really want to lock in your spot you MUST Prepay with Paypal by midnight, the night before. And NOT the day of the event! (First time players must pay when they RSVP.) Everyone else can only lock in your spot if you pay the night before. Otherwise it is first come first served at the games. Might as well just pay cash. *Price to use Paypal is now $10.75 Send Payment to [masked] .75 cents if the Paypal fee, send through friends in family only.

(((( No shows do not get a refund))))

RSVP Policy:

We have to overbook as many players don't show up, even thou they RSVPed. So even if you RSVP it doesn't guarantee a spot. It's basically first come first served

Can't make the games? PLEASE UN-RSVP the night before or Morning of the games, the sooner the better! So someone else can have time to take your spot.

* If you RSVP and don't show up, you may be pushed to the wait-list on our next game if we fill up.

Late players may get bumped by walk-on players but it's rare. If you paid with paypal the day of the game you just get a credit for next weeks game. But your spot will be held for you before we start giving it to the walk on players. If you don't show up you will lose your game fee.

If the game is full Walk-on players are welcome to come by and see if they can get in, but there is no guarantee. So if you live close it might be worth a try.

If you show up as a RSVP players or walk on and can't get in. You will get a $2 discount on your next game if you show up and can't play. But you must pay through Paypal that night for next weeks game, to receive this so I can keep track on who you are and that we're sure your are coming to play.

Another option, two players can share a spot for the night at $5 each. So we can fit you both in. If you both agree.

Okay let’s play!



• We are not associated with the Church in terms of faith but we do ask that all members respect the gym and church grounds. NO KICKING BALLS around other then in the GYM!

• There are two holding areas for players, as well as in the gym. No Wondering around the church grounds or making any loud disturbances. Security officer on site has the authority to ask a player to leave. No refunds given.

• Pick up your own trash after the games!

• The gate is usually left open. But if gate is locked when trying to enter, be patient we will be out to check periodically. Or get the attention of the Security officer on site and he can let you in.

RULES of the game:

• Waiver or must be filled out before playing. Signature only needed.

• Goalies can not use their hands unless to protect face/etc.

• If the ball kicked behind the goal and is trapped, the ball is dead and only the goalie can take the ball out and kick the ball back in play.

• Everyone take turns playing goalie. Goalies rotate every 5 minutes until everyone has played goalie, then the rotation starts all over again.

• * If you make contact with the goalie while scoring, the goal is NO GOOD.

•. Making contact with your hands, arms or elbows, pushing or shoving a player, is a foul. A little body contact with your chest is okay. But let’s try to keep any body contact to a minimum.

• Call your own fouls and respect the call if someone calls a foul on you. We call all hand balls, intentional or not, so a hand ball stops play and no slide tackling.

• If there are any disputes, the game organizer has the final say, period. We're looking for people who like to compete but do not go overboard about it.

• If you're the type of player who harps on other players inadequacies or has a negative attitude if the game doesn't go your way and can’t control your temper etc, then this group is not for you.

• Overall, we're here to have fun. The gym is not your home. Treat it and everyone with respect and we'll be good to go!


• There are two large parking areas for us to use.

Free parking in two different parking lots for the church.

One is right across from where we enter the church on Carlos St,

• There is also plenty of street parking on all the Streets surrounding the church like Yucca Street and Labaig Ave.

How to enter the gym:

• Entrance to the church is on Carlos St. Just look for the green canopy. Walk strait ahead, into the court yard area. The gym is on the left up the little stairs.


• Can be made for each game with CASH only. $10.00 for the night. Paid at the door. No I.O.U's, If you need money to play, ask a friend at the games to help you out. Or use Paypal $10.75 . If you pay with Paypal the night before the game you can LOCK in your spot! No refunds or paypal payments.

Soon this will be a PayPal paying event ONLY. So get a PayPal account soon or you won’t be able to play.

E. Is for Main entrance. Look for the Green Canopy. Also entrance to gym

H. Is the outdoor holding areas if you don't want to wait inside.

B. Is for the bathrooms

Parking lot across the street.

The Gym is in brown on the map.

Any time you play a sport you take on risk of potential injury and Indoor Soccer is a risky game - BY PLAYING WITH US YOU ACCEPT ALL LIABILITY FOR INJURIES OF ANY KIND. Make sure you have your own medical insurance before you play.

DISCLAIMER: Indoor Soccer is a dangerous game that can result in serious injury or even death. But if you come out and play you are agreeing to the Soccer waiver at the bottom of this post.

Indoor Soccer Waiver: RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY: I, for myself, my heirs, next of kin, personal representatives and assigns, hereby release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue the Gary Bristow, or any of our organizers and any games posted on the CoedSportsLA meet up group. Or Coed Sports, the group, respective administrators, directors, agents, officers, members, volunteers, and employees, other participants, any sponsors, advertisers or its members. I agree to hold all aforementioned individuals harmless from all liability, loss, claims, demands, possible causes of action, court costs, attorney’s fees and other expenses arising from any lawsuit that may otherwise accrue from any negligence, loss, damage or injury (including death) to my person or property in any way resulting from, or arising from any event or activity, including travel to and from events or activities. ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I know the risk and danger to myself and property, both from known risk and unanticipated risk, while participating in sports events or activities, and I do so voluntarily and in reliance, not upon the property, equipment, facilities and existing conditions furnished by others, but upon my own judgment and ability, and I thereby assume all risk of loss, damage or injury (including death) to myself and my property from any cause whatsoever and whether or not attributable to the negligence of others

• See you at the games!

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First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood
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