WINTER2019, Thursdays -60 minute games at Arcadia City Hall

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Up to 5 players


Night games at Arcadia Civic Center Athletic Field thru July 2019, 60 minutes of adrenaline pumping fun games. We'll have one game 11 v 11, two games 9 v 9 or three games 8 v 8 simultaneous depending on signups.

You can sign up as early as two days prior to the event. The schedule will open up at 4 pm so that you can RSVP and you have 2 hours before game time to cancel. Otherwise, you will be charged for the game as if you were there.

There will be a $6 fee per game. You may pay cash at the field or via venmo; please bring exact change. Players that RSVP will have priority. If you don't remove your RSVP and don't show up, you will need to pay for the hour you missed. So please keep your reservation current by removing yourself or texting me at least an hour prior to the game.

Please keep away from the field until the exact time. These games are competitive but please play safe and make every effort to not get hurt. In the event that there are continued disrespect for others and the field, You will be asked to leave.

Keep in mind these games are for FUN ONLY!

Just a note of courtesy...Please refrain from using foul language at all times as well as any and all rude commentaries and any aggressive behavior. Let's be respectful of one another. We have a great group and I know you'll understand. Keep in mind that we are here to have fun and go home relaxed and uninjured.


Goal Vista Sports, City of Arcadia and Arcadia Unified School District and is not liable for any injuries that may occur while playing. By making your reservation to attend our games, you and your guests accept full responsibility of your person and belongings, waiving any right to hold these entities responsible.

Thank y'all and see ya' on the pitch!

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Thu, Jul 11th 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM (PDT)
$ 6.00 per person
Payment via credit card
RSVP Location
Arcadia City Hall
240 W. Huntington Dr · Arcadia, CA